Hair loss solution बाल उगाने की दवाई Minoxidil​, hairloss​ Dr Fahad, Freefirewala

Hello everyone…today we’ll talk about an important medicine called Minoxidil! Minoxidil was actually an accidental discovery. It was discovered in the 1970s, and then it used to be prescribed for high blood pressure patients.

Those patients later complained of a side effect i.e. excessive hair growth!

Hair loss solution बाल उगाने की दवाई Minoxidil​, hairloss​ Dr Fahad, Freefirewala

Hair loss solution बाल उगाने की दवाई Minoxidil​, hair loss​ Dr Fahad

That time it used to be thought of as a side effect but later people questioned whether, this medicine could be prescribed to those, who have excessive hair fall problem or are frustrated by balding.

My name is Dr. Fahad Hussain, and today I’ll talk more about this medicine, Minoxidil. A lot of patients ask me –

How many times should I apply minoxidil?

Till what time should I apply?

What are the available forms of this medicine?

How much should I apply, etc.

So today, we’ll discuss more on these points. First of all, minoxidil is very effective for hair loss, balding, hair thinning in androgenetic alopecia.

It has different forms such as Lotion (available with dropper or spray), Gel, or Foam. Lotion has both spray and dropper form. This one is a spray form. Most companies would provide a bottle like this, a sprayer, and a dropper…so that the patient can use either of the two (dropper or spray) as per their convenience.

Dropped/Spray is more convenient for the patient because they can target specific areas. Patients can apply in those areas which are experiencing hair thinning or excessive hair loss.

Those areas can be applied concentrated minoxidil. Minoxidil is also available in foam, but, it’s advised for those patients who have itching or irritation with gel/lotion form of the same. Minoxidil is available in the market as 2%,
5%, and 10%. Also, minoxidil with finasteride combination is also available. FDA approves 2% to be given in Females and 5% to be given in Males.

Whether Minoxidil + Finasteride combination is more effective than simply Minoxidil is still debatable. But, both are available in the market. You can consult your dermatologist and use accordingly. How does Minoxidil work?

How does it help in hair loss?

Minoxidil dilates blood vessels. Which means, it increases the blood flow through the blood vessels. So, it was thought that it would increase hair growth in similar way by helping provide more oxygen and more nutrition to the hair scalps.

Second, it decreases the damaging immune cells. Third, minoxidil also helps in hair growth. Fourth, minoxidil also increases the thickness and strength of miniaturized hair follicle.

How to use minoxidil?

You can either apply directly or place approximately 0.5-1ML on the palm. Then, gently apply on the scalp. But again, don’t rub vigorously. Apply gently. If you’re doubtful about the amount you’ve taken out to apply, you can use dropper and take the help of the markings on these droppers to be sure.

Do wash your hands before and after using minoxidil. Because if you accidentally touch your face after using minoxidil, your face might witness hair growth. While that might not be much of a problem for men, it can quite an issue for women.

Please remember to apply minoxidil only on scalp and not on hair shafts. Because, if you apply on hair then there will be no action of the medicine and minoxidil will be wasted. Now let’s talk about How many days it takes
for minoxidil to start showing results?

It takes at-least 2-3 months for the results to show. But some patients might see results faster. Don’t quit in between. Be patient and expect at least 2-3 months for the results to show. Also, keep in mind that once you start using minoxidil, In the first month you will notice hair loss. This is completely normal. Don’t worry about it.

This is because, the weak hair thinning are removed first in order to grow thick, strong hair. What are the side effects of minoxidil?

Minoxidil is usually safe. But rarely, there are some minor side effects, such as: Itching, Irritation, Redness, etc.

However, there is no need to worry. This medicine is totally safe and reversible. It is not severe. If you have severe side effects and it persists, then do consult your doctor. Now, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions

Is hair growth with minoxidil permanent?

No, you will get results till the time you use minoxidil. What if you miss a dose?

No need to worry, you can continue with your regular schedule and resume medication. However, don’t increase dosage just because you have missed one. As, that might increase side effect and will do no good for you.

Can minoxidil be used for beard growth?

It is usually not advisable for beard area.

Can minoxidil be used before or after exercise?

It is preferred after exercise. Wash your hair, let it dry and then apply minoxidil. If you apply minoxidil before gym/exercise, then due to excessive sweating, there might be less effect of minoxidil.

Should you wash your hair after using minoxidil?

It is usually not advisable to do so. It takes time for minoxidil to be absorbed on your hair scalp, so avoid washing your hair after applying.

Can you use hair dryer after applying the medicine?

Avoid hair drying, straighteners, and heat styling if you have a hair problem. Also, keep in mind one thing – minoxidil will not show any results where there is no hair root at all. The only option for those who don’t have any hair roots at all is, hair transplantation.


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