Mouth Cancer (Hindi) Freefirewala

This Post will talk about mouth cancer (मुँह का कैंसर) also known as oral cancer. and also will give you tips And tricks from avoid this disease. The expert in this post will discuss the causes (कारणों) of mouth cancer, the affected areas in mouth cancer and the symptoms (लक्षणों) of mouth cancer. Also know how you can treat mouth cancer .

Hello everyone, today we will discuss about Oral cancer. because it is very common in India. Every year approximately 70,000 deaths are occuring due to this cancer.

Mouth Cancer (Hindi) Freefirewala

Mouth Cancer (Hindi) Freefirewala

Today in this post we will discuss about oral cancer in detail. First of all, know what are symptoms of mouth cancer?

The first one is if you have an ulcer in your mouth and it is not healing from a long time, second is Swelling in your mouth, which can be associated with teeth or tongue. The third is if you are feeling difficulty or pain while swallowing from a long time, and the fourth one is if you are having unintentional weight loss.

Now, let’s know that which are the affected areas of mouth cancer?

Oral cancer can occur in any area of the mouth. it can occur, at the top of your tongue, inner cheeks area ie, buccal mucosa, Palate and also in the floor of the mouth even it can occur at the lips or gums.

Now, let’s know what are the causes of mouth cancer?

Smoking is the main reason for oral cancer, for example,the consumption of beedi, cigarette or cigar, along with, the consumption of any kind of tobacco like chaini khaini or snuffs can also cause cancer. if you have broken teeth and that is causing continuous wounds in your mouth which can also lead to cancer.

Now, let’s know that, which Doctor should be seen to perform the diagnosis? visit a hospital or consult a nearby dentist in case you are feeling the signs of mouth cancer in case if you are diagnosed with cancer then the dentist will refer you to the oral & Maxillofacial surgeon. they will recommend a biopsy or Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology according to your needs.

For the biopsy, a small sample will be taken from the affected area and it will send to the oral pathologist for further investigation, where they will diagnose it. along with this, if you have swelling in your neck or in the mouth area then they will do fine needle aspiration cytology for that purpose, a fluid will take from the site with a needle, it will study and confirm the diagnosis. along with this, there are several imaging tests like MRI, CT Scan or PET Scan will do in cancer.

Now we can talk about the treatment options of oral cancer. After confirming cancer, the treatment options will depend on the type and size of the cancer, along with this, the grade and stage of cancer is very important for deciding the treatment option. The first ever option coming in the treatment of cancer is surgery.

In surgery, through an operation, we can remove the affected area. The second one is radiation therapy in this the cancer cell are killed via radiations and the third one is chemotherapy in this, anticancer medicines are used to kill the cancer cells.

Now let’s know how to prevent oral cancer?

First of all, you have to avoid the consumption of any kind of tobacco like bidi or cigarettes, along with this if you have any problem in your mouth then consult a dentist as soon as possible. Now we can discuss some questions that were frequently asked through you. Is there any chance to develop mouth cancer if you are not smoking or not consuming tobacco?

Yes, cancer can occur to a non-smoker also, as we have already discussed that if you have an ulcer in your mouth that will lead to cancer along with this, there are certain genetic factors which can also cause cancer How much time the mouth cancer will take to get cured?

There is no specific time for this, it will vary from patient to patient. ie, it depends upon the type, size, and grade stage of your cancer. Is the mouth cancer treatment possible without surgery?

Yes, in many cases the treatment of oral cancer can be done with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. so, it is not necessary to do surgery or operation in all the cases. I hope all your doubts about oral cancer are now cleared through this post. if you have any doubts you can mention that in the comment section, if you liked this Post then please like, share and subscribe to our channel.


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